New Update

Well guys, I made the shot team. Yea I know that it’s been a LOOOONG time since the last update but I need to clear up some things. The PLE project has died down recently. The members can’t be consistent in keeping up with each other anymore from different priorities. Well I do understand that this tool is immensely benefiting to me, there is no-one I can interact with to get things done. In short, this could mean that I might have to leave this alone for now. I can guarantee you that I will be coming back to this site, but for now it looks like we must stop. We had a good run and I hoped you guys (if there even are any of you out there) enjoyed the ride. So the final time for now, your captain is signing off.


PLE and Moving On

Well readers (about all 4 of you), the PLE project has officially come to a close. It was an enjoyable experience and I had fun doing it. The next time all of my group members come together won’t be until April. I will still be updating this blog occasionally and bringing new content. Just expect less activity. For now I will be focusing on a new topic throughout the next week. It just so happens that my school is hosting try-outs for competitive sports. So I will be writing about my progress in track and field. A little background: In 6th grade I was third in the province for 100m sprinting. I haven’t ran competitively much since then. I am trying to move on to not just short sprints, but this year I will be trying out for field events too.

What is a P.L.E?

I just realized something that made me shake my head. I’ve been talking about P.L.E’s in my blog for a long time now and I haven’t even said anything about what it is? To those who have been reading, I apologize and please allow me to explain right now. A P.L.E or personal learning environment, is a social texture that helps you adjust to your educational schedule. For example, if you have a particular subject that you like, you can add it to your P.L.E and learn more on the subject. On this particular one, I have been able to share with my classmates on different topics.

My Experiences So Far

So for the past week, I’ve noticed that I haven’t actually been checking up on how this blog is doing. It actually feels like I’m trying to avoid it because it reminds me of work. What I’m most scared about right now is that every time I write, it feels like I could be using that time to do something that interests me more. Perhaps it’s because I am still new to the blogging concept, but I am struggling to keep up with new articles to post. I never liked to write and doing that weekly feels like a strain to me. If someone out there is reading this, tell me what I should do. 


Welcome to my blog. If you are reading this, you have probably been directed on here by a member on another blog or you managed to find it accidently. My name is Johnny Zhang and this blog is going to be about my experiment inside a P.L.E. I will be sharing all my experiences and stories for how the entire project during the time. Also, some of my other friend who are also participating will be posting to this blog to. You might see them around.